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DAY 1 APP is the ultimate lifestyle and mental health tool, it will enable you to take control and enhance every aspect of your lifestyle and way of thinking. 

Log everything, share all your progress, workout selfies and personal bests, share your transformation pictures throughtout your journey, and more

The Ultimate

Lifestyle and Mental Health Tool

Designed for anybody

It’s time to take ownership. Set goals, stay accountable and let the Day 1 App enable you to be the very best version of yourself.

Easy To Use

Simply, sign up and subscribe, select the correct subscription package and get instant access to everything in app, no additional fees. You'll be guided on how to get the very most out of the app.

Monitor and Manage

Start logging everything your water intake, your daily nutrition, your exercise routine, check your progress from day 1 and visualise your journey so far, share it all online.

Stay Connected

The Day 1 App is always there. We'll remind you to log your progress, we'll motivate you when motivation is low, you'll be 100% accountable, we will be there with you on your journey from Day 1 'til it's done!

Designed for anybody

The DAY 1 App features

Our lifestyle tool isn't just about fitness, it isn't just about weight loss. It's been designed and developed by professionals to allow you to take full control of all aspects of your life, you'll develop discipline and belief in yourself to really enhance your lifestyle.

Log Everything

Log everything, all those workouts, cardio sessions, absolutely any type of workout. Log your macros on the go, anywhere with ease...even your water intake and if you choose too, share it all across your socials.

Motivation you, 24/7!

You can read articles, watch workouts and recorded seminars, learn new exercise tips & recipes, everything to keep you motivated and always learning new methods to stay on your journey.

Real-Life, Real People

Our science and psychology methods are backed by a community of real people like YOU. They have set lifestyle goals, lived through the challenges and came through the other side thriving. Our results speak for themselves.

Mental Health with Dr Emily

Dr Emily will guide through why mental health is on the rise and what you can do to help keep on top of your well being. Healthy body leads to a healthy mind.



From Day 1 the app will be there, helping you to enhance your lifestyle. We all know mental health is so important, so we’ve created this app to not only make you feel healthier, but think healthier! Here’s how – 

  • Keep motivated and always learning with articles written by lifestyle professionals. Save the ones you love, choose to get notified when your favourite topics are updated with new content. 
  • Notifications to help keep you on track, or even motivate you if you’ve wavered off your journey. 
  • Learn how discipline and accountability doesn’t only impact your fitness, it impacts your life in every aspect of it. Become a master of it! 
  • Maximise your physical and mental potential with all the functionality within the app, all developed from over two decades worth of research and over 15,000 clients. 


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